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I met Lance this weekend

Guest lilblackgirl

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Mark, did you specify you wanted only the Lance Q&A (and perhaps the Christine Q&A as well)? How much did it cost, if this was a custom disc?, as opposed to the 4 DVD set that it will be which chronicles the convention.

I'm not depressed, just quiet.

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Hi Josef,

I bought the whole thing my friend and it cost me $35.00. I didn't think about buying Lance's Q&Q separately to be honest. Thee was plenty at the convention to keep me interested so I don't mind having the whole thing actually. If you buy Lance's Q&A separately do drop by and let everyone know how much it cost my friend. I am sure people will be interested in that option.




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Guest Sidewinder

Maybe this isn't the right place to post this, but I hadn't a better idea.

There is a new video-interview with Lance Henriksen, done by Fearcast.net during the Texas Frightmare Weekend. The two parts can be watched on youtube.com (

). Sadly it's a very poor sound quality- at least for my ears; probably you have less problems listening to them.:wink:

Not much very new stuff, just a few anecdotes and a friendly mention off Lance Henriksen Magic and B2FB. I admit I'm a little bit jealous but, okay, my site isn't around that long, plus it's in a foreign language. :smile:

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