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LH70 - 70 Reasons Why We Love Lance Henriksen

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Guest Charger


For the awesome preformance in the brilliant Halloween episode, The Curse Of Frank Black...


for taking time to record a thank you; very cool! :thumbsup:

That was beyond cool of him! Not that many people would take the time to do something like that. Lance is a class act...truly.

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We're doing well folks, not long to go. I guess it's a mark of the man how easily we are able to share things we love about him.

#31 For the outstanding performance with Darren McGavin in "Midnight of The Century" which chokes me up every time I see it. I am a sentimental old fool I guess.


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#27 For season three of Millennium and all his scenes with Brittany Tiplady. I haven't seen a more believable portrayal of a father/daughter relationship on the screen before or since and watching Lance in distress in "Borrowed Time" is a truly powerful piece of television.


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Guest WaveCrest

# 39

His expression in Jose Chung's when Watts asks Frank outside the movie theater "What's the matter?", and he replies: "It's this Selfosophy thing..."

You know, I can't remember that scene! Thank you for sharing that Vivvi. :thumbsup:

#26 The number of times Lance (as Frank) has banged the computer mouse in his office desk in the basement of the Yellow House. I didn't realise it under somebody mentioned it. :laugh:

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I honestly don't think there's a more emotional scene for Frank then in "Borrowed Time" with Jordan in the hospital dying. Frank Black hit rock bottom emotionally in this episode, and as a mother of four and having lost my oldest in 08, it brought tears to my eyes when he dropped to his knees and prayed. "Borrowed Time" is one of Chip Johannessen's masterpieces, and an Emmy should be given to Lance Henriksen for Best Actor. Couldn't find that particular screenshot, but did find another to post.


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