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Guest Star Doris Chillcott

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After scrolling through screenshots, I noticed that Doris Chillcott, who portrayed the "Elderly Woman" in "The Innocents" and "Exegesis," also played Adele Huziger in "Paper Dove." As many times as I've seen these episodes, I never nioticed this.

The first picture is from "Exegesis," the second from "Paper Dove."

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Sadly Doris Chilcott passed away back in 2006. I've just updated her profile with her obituary...


Its always sad to learn of cast and crew that have passed on.

@ Libby,

I've added a field for deaths in our database, just re-working the age calculation so that its not so disrespectful to those cast and crew who have passed away by saying how old they currently are (would have been).


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Hi Darlene,

She's certainly not the first person to have had multiple roles in a Ten Thirteen production but I certainly hadn't spotted that. Nice find. Such a shame to hear that she has passed away but her legacy will be enjoyed by Millennium Fans for many years to come and she was certainly memorable in "The Innocents" and "Exegesis".


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Wow, she crossed over in 06. Thanks for the update Graham.

It is amazing how we can hear about someone having multiple rolls and then forget about it. How difficult would it be to create a list of those actors like Doris who played different parts in different episodes?

I so love those episodes. Well duh Darlene wacko.gif you wrote about the butterflies in them.

I need a nap. sleepy.gif

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It took me a while too, to realize it was the same actor. I was listening to"Paper Dove" in my car on the way to work one day and recognized her voice. Not having watched "The Wild & The Innocent" in a while either, but listening to that in the car as well, I realized the Sheriff was Colonial Tigh from Battlestar Galactica. Mr. Hogan has a very distinct way of making statements with words like "hell" in them!

It also took me a few watches to realize that the Sheriff in "Monster" who arrested Frank is the same actor who played the creepy Mr. Green in "Sacrament."

I guess it says a lot for the show quality when you don't immediately recognize the repeat actors.

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