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Season 3 Extras

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Guest OS_

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British HMV.co.uk added the season 3 special features to their site.

Audio Commentary On Episode 'The Innocents' By Lance Henriksen And Klea Scott

Audio Commentary On Episode 'Collateral Damage' By Director Tom Wright

X-Files Season 7 Episode 'Millennium'

Season 3 Inside Look

Running Time 1040 Minutes


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Guest chrisnu

They put the load of bollocks crossover on there! AHHH!!! :p:angry::angry_steaming_big:

Nice to have an actors commentary, though. We never had that for TXF.

*wonders why the running time for the S3 set is longer than S2, even though S2 had one more episode*

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Yeah, well they also say "Contains All 2 Episodes From Series 3" :;):

Although if the 1040 minutes includes the XF ep and extras it's pretty much accurate.

Edited by OS_
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Guest Seraphim

Se7en is going to be pissed about that XF ep. I myself have never seen the episode as I stopped following XF actively around season 5. I didn't like the way the series went later on.

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Guest Regan MacNeil

Still no promo spots. :down: I'm glad they included the MM/XF crossover. I totally agree that it pretty much sucked, but I think it belongs in the box set. It seems like the X-Files sets have pretty much everything that was ever produced that related to the X-Files (Behind the Truth, The Secretes of The X-Files, those "Profiles" from the European videos). It has Frank Black in it, so it belongs in the set, if only as a novelty.

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Guest Cookyman

Well I might be controversial here but I personally am glad the X-Files crossover episode Millennium is on there! Ok the episode sucked but at least it's another episode with Frank Black in it and lets face it some other episodes in season 3 sucked too. its good to have it from a completists point of view and its not costing you anything so I dont know what all the whining is about - if you don't like it don't watch it. :devil01:

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  • Elders (Admins)

I agree with you Cookyman! I hate that retched episode but I think it belongs on the set, if only to see Frank and Jordan once more. Great news on the Commentaries but my God, how could they miss Seven And One? As Seraphim said, Se7en's gonna be royally pissed when he gets back from his weekend away!

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