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The Old Man

Member Titles/ranks

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The Member Title/Rank's have been updated. Whilst still preserving the internal structure of the MillenniuM Group, I wanted to add a few more ranks to space out rank promotion.

UPDATED 9th August 2004

This Is Who We Are supports Member Titles.

After completing the Registration Process and having posted your first Post or Topic, you will see that you are refered to by a Member Title under your name, by your personal Avatar if you have selected one.

This is a list of Current Member Titles:

Law Enforcement Officer:

Must have 1 Post.

Number of Ouro's: 0

FBI Agent:

Must have over 50 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 1

MillenniuM Group Candidate:

Must have over 75 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 2

MillenniuM Group Initiate:

Must have over 100 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 3

MillenniuM Group Member:

Must have over 150 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 4

MillenniuM Group Owl Faction:

Must have over 250 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 5

MillenniuM Group Rooster Faction:

Must have over 350 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 6

MillenniuM Group Patron:

Must have over 600 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 7

MillenniuM Group Elder:

Must have over 850 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 8

Member of Legion - For We Are Many:

Must have over 1012 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 9

Mabius - MillenniuM Group Hit Man:

Must have over 1250 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 9

MillenniuM Group Old Man:

Must have over 2000 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 10

Your choice of Member Title/Rank:

Must have over 2500 posts.

Number of Ouro's: 10

Existing Members you have passed the previous mark of 1013 posts will be allowed to keep them unless they request otherwise but future Members will have to pass 2500 posts in order to select their own title/rank.

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Guess I'll likely never get that custom title of "Divine Messeneger" :cry:

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You are on your way! Enjoyed your recent posts!

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Cool, Graham! I was wondering what was going on, with all the new Law Enforcement officers and FBI agents...LOL! Plus, the fact that I was thinking of changing my little title/rank thing, and couldn't find the place to do it in my control panel anymore.

Very cool, creative changes, man! :smokin::ouro:

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LOL! I've lost it myself. I'll get back to you.

I've also added some fields to the Profiles which Members may like. Check your Profile information in your My Controls sections.

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