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Complete Series Boxed Set - Any Extras?

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Guest gERM777

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Guest gERM777

Will the complete series boxed set (series I, II, and III together) differ from the individual boxed sets?

- additional or less material?

- 18 discs total, or condensed down to a fewer number of discs?

- lower price than purchasing all 3 separately?


jOHNNY german

Reading, PA


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........i have the feeling that the series box set will only be seen in the U.K. and maybe other parts of europe. Fox never did one for XF here so...........

....buying the series box in the U.K. will be slightly cheaper, yes.

...i'm also pretty certain the series box set will contain everything in the individual releases. The only real bonus i can see is the cool series case it is likely to come in.

~se7en :ouro:

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It's listed in webstores as having 18 discs. Fox also released a 3 season box of "24" and this is probably the same kind of deal. Just a big box with all the seasons inside and no new content.

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Guest Befallen

I came here to ask the exact same question... luckily, I haven't bought season 1 yet so I'm going wait for this set IF and only if all the extras are included. Because that's one sweet box, and a bit cheaper too (though you'll have to pay it all at once instead of three installments, but still).

I was a bit worried since, I just noticed that the box set of four seasons of Red Dwarf that I was going to buy did -not- have any of the extras - just the shows. Which blows. But, if this set still is 18 discs, like three separate seasons would be, I guess it wouldn't make much sense to remove the extra material.

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