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Press Release: Millennium Season Two

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  • Elders (Admins)

Official Fox Press Release received today...


Chris Carter fans can now fill the gaps in their DVD collection with the second season of Millennium. Featuring all 23 episodes on 6 DVDs, Millennium Season 2 is available to buy on DVD on 27th September from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Continuing the story of former FBI profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen, Aliens, Alien Versus Predator), who has the power to see into the minds of criminals, the second season of this atmospheric and compelling series focuses on the rise of evil in the run-up to the end of the century and Frank’s relationship with the mysterious Millennium Group.

When Frank’s wife Catherine (Megan Gallagher, Hill Street Blues) is abducted by a strange man, Frank goes hunting after him. The Millennium Group steps in to help, but Frank finds out that unbeknownst to him, they knew the true identity of the stalker all along...

Frank’s investigations become much more varied as he moves away from profiling serial killers and takes on abductions, murders and all sorts of strange cases. Things start to turn weird when Frank is sent to a small town where an old couple have been mauled to death by dogs. However, once he meets an old man who is linked to the Millennium Group, his suspicions are aroused even more...

Frank teams up with other Millennium Group members Lara Means and Peter Watts for further investigations and missions. Delving deeper into the structure of The Millennium Group, they soon come to realise that there are too many bizarre coincidences for them to be so random - there must be a link!

Becoming increasingly unsettled by what he sees, Frank begins to suspect his employers of possessing disturbing secrets. Before long, he senses that some kind of apocalyptic event is imminent. Could the crimes that Black and the other Millennium Group operatives are investigating be signs of the impending end of the world? Someone is trying to send him a message about the Millennium Group...

This 6-disc set features an in-depth documentary, “The Turning of the Tide: Making of Season 2” and a featurette entitled “Academy Group: Victimology” as well as episode commentaries by director Tom Wright and writer Michael R. Perry.

Join Frank Black and the Millennium group on their quest for justice and peace with Millennium Season 2 on DVD


Title: Millennium Season 2 DVD box set

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date: 27th September 2004

Price (RRP): £39.99 / €56.99

Feature running time: Each episode approx. 45 minutes

Catalogue number: 27304DVD

Language: English

Subtitle: English Hard Of Hearing, Italian, Swedish

Original Aspect Ratio: 1.33 (4x3FF)

Sound Quality: English 2.0


Disc 1:

The Beginning And The End

Beware Of The Dog

Sense And Antisense


Disc 2:

A Single Blade Of Grass

The Curse Of Frank Black


The Hand Of Saint Sebastian


Commentary on The Hand Of Saint Sebastian by director Tom Wright

Disc 3:

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense

Midnight Of The Century

Goodbye, Charlie


Disc 4:

The Mikado

The Pest House




Commentary on The Mikado by writer Michael R. Perry

Disc 5:


In Arcadia Ego


A Room With No View

Disc 6:

Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

The Fourth Horseman

The Time Is Now


Featurette: “The Turn of the Tide: Making of Season 2” (34mins)

Featurette: “Academy Group: Victimology” (24mins)

Image Cover Art:

Large Hi-Quality File, 700K:


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Guest Cookyman

Excellent details about season 2 however why is the box art the same as season 1?

:devil01: oh and I was one of the winners of Season 1 woo hoo! :bigsmile:

Edited by Cookyman
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Guest WaveCrest

Well the two episodes rated by the BBFC recently (for The Hand of Saint Sebastian and The Mikado) mentioned "Widescreen" on the listing page.

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Well the two episodes rated by the BBFC recently (for The Hand of Saint Sebastian and The Mikado) mentioned "Widescreen" on the listing page.

Yes, and the trailer which had the widescreen clips of season 2 is a region 2 ad.

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  • Elders (Admins)

Hi yes its from the publicity company for Fox UK. I'm going to query the aspect ratio though. With regards the art, I was surprised two but it clearly says Season Two on it. S1 was subject to change though.

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I think it's ok that the outisde artwork is the same. The sets are gonna look good on the shelf. The artwork of the plastic case that holds the discs is different.


(The picture didn't work previously, so it's now in a different place...)

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Guest WaveCrest

Thanks for posting a bigger version of the artwork for what is probably going to be the inside box case again. At Play.com they've changed the artwork pic icon back to what was the artwork for S1.

Looking at it close up that's a pretty good cover. :smokin:

Now if that is indeed going to be an 18 certificate what/which episode/s could make it that? The only episode I was thinking of was The Mikado but that has been given a 15.

On the other hand I thought that they may put another listing up for The Mikado as other film/TV titles have had more than one listing, for Widescreen, Closed Captions and Commentary/Subtitles. But the recent listing for The Mikado for the commentary would have the episode actually on screen and not blank when viewed by the BBFC. So that will still be a 15 for the episode itself.

Edited by WaveCrest
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