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Was Peter A Legion?

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I agree with what ty7du and Ghostmojo wrote here. One of the major themes in season 2 is the dangerous nature of cults, how even extremely intelligent and ethical people like Peter Watts can be conned by them. The Millennium Group was even more dangerous because they presented actual proofs to Peter, such as predicting earthquakes. At the end of season 2, it appears Peter is going to break away from them, but it's never so easy once you're in that deep. He had a family to worry about, and I also firmly believe his claim that he was protecting Frank all along. Without him, Frank probably would've been dead.

I personally wish the writers had written Peter differently in season 3, but I also try to keep in mind that we only saw bits and pieces of this 3-year portion of his life, and there's a major gap between season 2 and 3, so this gave the writers latitude to take him in different directions. They might seem out of character to us, but how well did we really ever know Peter? We don't even know exactly what he thought he was protecting or accomplishing in Skull & Bones. I know this line of thinking can be taken to the extreme of justifying any characterization, so obviously there has to be a limit to what the writers could get away with, but for me they never breached it.

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