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BP brings on Apocalypse?

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Guest teedub

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Lara would bite the cigarette until she could light up.

This planet was doomed at the beginning of the industrial revolution. We are now seeing the effects, and things aren't going to get any better if something drastic is not done right now. Years from now will be too late, and it may already be too late.

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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

its ok, Mother Earth will clean herself up and correct it, she will balance herself out, she is already doing this with global warming. She will not let us completely destory her and God won't let us either. :makingeyes:

Laura :)

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*watches as Peter Watts confiscates Lara's cigarettes* Oooh that won't be pretty later. Everybody take cover :signohcrap:

I hope this doesn't get too far gone. I don't want that shit getting sent up here.

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Yes Spook, I agree, Mother Earth will restore herself. The heartache is all the plant, animal and human life that we are losing now, and will continue to lose before the cycle is complete.

I believe God gave the Earth to us, and if it's destroyed, it's our doing. I thank Our Heavenly Parent created the universe in cycles anyway, wheels within wheels, and they will always go full circle. :ouroborous:

Lara would whip Peter back into place with only words. Love her. And still have the cigarette in hand. :smokin:

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