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Guest Guilfoyle

I'm not writing this to ruffle any feathers or anything like that. I'd just like to find out how to spell the poor guys name. For years I spelled it how I wrote it in the topic title. However, online, I saw a different spelling and got curious as to what the official spelling is, so I popped in one of the DVD's to an episode I knew they mentioned his name in ("Wide Open") and the subtitles have it spelled "Geibelhouse." I thought about it again tonight, so I popped in "Lamentation" and it's spelled the same way (Geibelhouse). I can't remember if by name he is mentioned in the Frenchman novel, as I have no idea where my copy scooted off to (probably to play tag with my missing "Goblins" book).

So is it just the fact that whoever did the subtitles didn't do a good job or something else?

And also, this is sort of an explanation for the way I had been spelling his name on the boards, as it got stuck in my head that DVD subtitle=official spelling, totally ignoring the fact I spelled it differently all these years (actually, for a while I thought I was nuts when I kept remembering that his first name was Bob, until I was online and well, found out his first name was Bob...I thought my memory was a lot worse then that ;-) ).

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, I found an article about Stephen James Lang yesterday. I thought it was a neat little article (especially in regards to his former profession, unless he went back to it and then it'd be his current profession...I have no idea what he's doing these days).

Later :)

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