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Mabius........skulls and bones..........

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I feel from the very start, there were hints that Mabius is a legion. That fight with Frank and Mabius falls out of the window,

on to a car, slides off to the ground and he gets up like a T-1000, and that witness, you know, the one who hallucinated and saw that skeletal hand come out of the ground from the begining of the show, later on trips out and sees it again when Mabius crashes

on the car window. This might of been symbollic that Mabius is the "evil" presence of his thoughts. Perhaps Mabius has something to do with those hallucinations, he has somewhat control of his thoughts.:death:

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Mabius is decidedly off from the off, I agree with you. I always thought that Mabius was much more akin to the alien bounty hunters or super soldiers of "The X-Files" than the nefarious entities of "Millennium" such as Lucy Butler of The Judge. In my own personal canon he was a lower-level entity than either of those mentioned, operating akin to a drone or a soldier whilst those in the upper echelon of Legion undertake the master-plans. I think most of us agree with Lucy was very much at the zenith (or should that be nadir) of the Legion entity as Frank certainly seems to respond to her like no other individual he has ever encountered. She's the only one who seems capable of inducing fear and apprehension in the man. It makes sense to me that as angels are seemingly ordered into hierarchies then so are the demons and Mabius is, to my mind, simply a demonic foot soldier.




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My initial thought was that Ed was hallucinating, but Millennium has its way of making "sight" much more than what the average person sees. It has a way of making you think more is going on than what many people would "normally" think. Even in Weeds, the other "Ed" had similar types of vision (minus the arguing rodents!). One of the many things that makes Millennium so good is that it often leaves these types of issues open for interpretation.

Ah, the mysteriousness of it all!


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