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Ahhhh! How Refreshing

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Finally, got the first season DVD set and am able to watch what I believe to be the best series ever on TV. How good to seat down and watch Lance's magnificent protrayal of a man who has been worn down by the horrors he has seen yet never gives up hope - and who always manages to find the good hidden behind the evil.

There have been 4 TV series that I have geniunely "had to watch" over the years: Twin Peaks; X Files; Millenium and currently 24. Of the 4 I believe, without doubt, the best is MM.

Watching the first season's DVDs has reestablished my admiration for the program.

Not that I had lost my love for it, only that my memory of it had dimmed. Across the board, it surpasses anything else attempted. From the storyline to the lighting, everything put together makes it an exemplarary package. And oh! To hear that sad, plaintive music which so dramatically paints the mood. Then, above all else is the character of Frank Black, so intuitively portrayed by Lance.

And it is so great to be able to share with you all the wonder of Millenium. To know that there are others who appreciate this unique perspective of the world without being terrified, rathering finding (through Frank's eyes)

hope in the abyss that we have created for ourselves. In the vivid battle of good versus evil as presented in the microcosm that is Millenium, there is the glimmer of hope and the redemption of the human race in the character that is Frank Black. :ouro:

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