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Monica Reyes in XF3?

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Google Alerts alerted me to an article that was written prior to the release of "X-Files: I Want To Believe". I don't know why it's being pointed out now but something did catch my eye that I would be interested in learning more about if anyone can help. The article states that...

Some of the fans of the earlier seasons refuse to believe the series continued after the end of the seventh season when Mulder was abducted, and David Duchovny only appeared in about half of the episodes. Some did not appreciate the new characters Agent John Doggett and Agent Monica Reyes. Annabeth Gish, who plays Reyes, has said that she and Robert Patrick, Doggett, will not be appearing in the second X-Files movie. She continued to say that Chris Carter promised her that she would be in the third movie.

..and that is something I wouldn't be averse to at all. I haven't read anything from either Annabeth or Robert from around the time of XF-IWTB and I wondered if anyone could point out where this claim came from? I assume she gave an interview around that time and I would love to read it.

To my mind Whitney and Drummy (who cast Drummy, I ask you, who cast Drummy?) should have been Doggett and Reyes in the second film but alas that wasn't to be so I'm even more excited for XF3 than I was before if those two characters are to return to the X-Files where they, in my opinion, legitimately belong.

Anyone have any quotes at all?




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Guest WaveCrest

I have no idea Mark where this quote came from, but the thread title got me interested. I could picture Doggett and Reyes having been in IWTB.

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