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Sense and Antisense - poetry that defies the Trucks

Guest Ebdim9th

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Guest Ebdim9th

Here's one to start on:

Yellow House, Cloak And Dagger

Ouroboros floats

on a black screen background

"Welcome Frank, only 830 days remaining"

reads the Millennium Group website greeting

prodigy profiler, soon to become

prodigal son, lost to his arcane mentors

losing his wife, his sanity, guarding his daughter

fleeing off the radar as his erstwhile partner

traitor to friendship, falls heavy to the floor

behind the couch, his own wife and daughters

lost to him

the snake devours itself at midnight, 1999

but not the world

Frank Black is still running

just the same

the basement

that computer

his yellow house

all long gone from his reach

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:clapping: Well take a well deserved round of applause for that. It really is superb. Truth be told I'm not even half-decent at writing poetry and certainly haven't ventured into it since my school days but I enjoy reading it and Millennium Poetry is a superb idea. Here's hoping some of the talented minds around here join you in this pursuit.

Thank you for sharing.


PS I've realised I probably could muster a limerick but as those are comedic in tone I'm not sure that's what people want really. :confused:



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Yes Ebdim9th, I agree with Mark, it is superb. :clapping:

People want it all Mark, go for the gold. :ouroborous:

What an awesome post, and I have no doubts will get a lot of great replies. Hope I can find some time to write something. :whistling:


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Guest Ebdim9th

I hadnt thought about this thread being all-Millennium, and it doesn't have to be, but, in that vein, here we go...

Any Last Words?

Whats in a moustache?

Relief from another thousand years

of the same old crap

pickaxes in the head notwithstanding

kinder gentler critics chortle over pumpkins

easily amused and waiting for the dead to rise again

Jose's grave doesn't read Acts 26.8 but it should

angels love a skeptic and quote his works reverently

devils manipulate the uncritical easily

it makes a guardian's works so much more frustrating

like a donut that's all hole

or old men dragged out of thier cabins

at the cruel hands of former comrades

all bearing circles of pointless betrayal

no Reason, all Evil, fed to the dogs that are without

in another millennium the peat bog is stirred again

salvation and self-interest waiting for Shakespeare

and a good doomsday defense

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