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Dean Haglund and Mark Snow come to TIWWA.

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Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!

As you know the task was to create an episode title for an episode of The Lone Gunmen and to provide a simple one or two sentence providing the gist of what the episode is about. Choosing a winner is a hard task and as these were all superb suggestions I opted, in the end, to simply draw one of the suggestions from a hat as it was impossible to find one I liked above and beyond all of them. Thank you to all those who entered for your superb suggestions but put your hands together to congratulate Andy on being the lucky winner.

Have a look below to see his episode title (tarted up by yours truly with a little image) and his description.

I am sure you will all join with me in congratulating him on his win.



The episode I would create would be titled 'Byers and Sellers'. The

plot would involve the selling of classified technology on the black

market or to a foreign government. I would also have some sort of

personal connection to Byers, maybe the Gunmen get involved in the

case when someone Byers is close to now or was close to in the past is


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I knew Mark would have a hard time deciding and this is the fairest way to go.

Thanks again for the contest, fun to think of a clever episode title and some generic plot to go with :D

I'll share my title and episode summary, for the enjoyment of others.

Much Mikado About Avatar - Brian Roedecker and Frank Black enlist the help of the Lone Gunmen to track down Avatar and stop his latest killing spree through social websites.

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How right you are Josef, it is incredibly difficult to pick competition winners and it always feels much fairer to me to simply draw a name from a hat at the end of the day and all the suggestions received for this were great suggestions.

Yours I thought was particularly clever in that it followed Michael R Perry's thinking when he was devising "The Mikado". As the craze during that time was for JenniCam and others like her who opted to utilise webcams to make themselves mini-celebrities, in this day and age it is Twitter and Facebook that is more likely to make the news as more and more people turn to them for their online social activities. No doubt if The Mikado was active these days he would find his victims through social network profiles and no doubt have one of his own to keep his followers updated on his gruesome activities.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion with others.


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You know you might want to consider deleting the above post my friend, writing a treatment and sending it out. What a superb idea. There's a horror film in there somewhere. :clapping:


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