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The Pit and The Pendulum


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I couldn't find an existing topic for this film and I was surprised that we've never talked about here considering it's such a compelling performance from Lance/ That said, it could simply be that my search skills are not up to much at the moment. Junta Juleil has cast his gaze over the movie and reviewed it in the last few days and it's a great read especially as it has casting information I hadn't heard before (Lance's role was written for Peter O'Toole for one.) Head on over here folks to read the review.

Now Lance is superb in this film. No doubt about it and yet it remains on of his that I don't re-watch all that often. I couldn't explain why but I just don't enjoy the whole affair even though I recognise what commanding performances are being committed to screen.

I wondered what you guys thought of it?




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I was creeped out by this movie. Its put away with lesser Lance movies simply because of the feeling i got watching it. :maintain-upbeatness:

I couldn't have said it better. I totaly agree with you.

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