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Crop Circles Decoded?

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Oh I'm going to be all Scully again I'm afraid and I do want to believe. I read a fascinating book on this subject some time last year and some elements of crop circles are genuinely odd but I could see nothing that was beyond human capability and considering that so many individuals have taken credit for creating crop circles over the years the devotees have had a harder task to convince anyone of their claims. Crop circles have certainly become more sophisticated over the years but to be honest if they are the work of an alien intelligence desperately trying to communicate a message to humanity then said alien intelligence is not very intelligent as humanity hasn't grasped that message in decades of them trying. I am sure even the dumbest of EBE's would have realised that it might be simpler just to land a craft and have a chat with us rather than flatten corn into circles.

Check out John Lunberg's website. He is a circle-maker and artist who has had his work bought (though I don't know how you buy a crop circle) by Charles Saatchi.


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There have been several shows on crop circles- even dvd and books by time warner on the subject.

It reminds me of the photo of the loch ness monster that everyone hailed as being the real thing, and years later, one of the guys who did the fake admitted as to how he did it.

When I was in highschool we were given a smaller than wallet sized photograph to make an enlargement of, and the method was simple, Make a grid, enlarge the grid proportionaly, and then connect the dots. A nights work, a few pints of bitters, and you have a crop circle. I know people say . But it was dark, how could they see?

ah ye of city life...

by the condition of the grain it looked like it was near harvest time. ergo, the fall, ergo, under the light, of the harvest moon, (sept 21st?) when the equnox happens and the moon is huge in the sky that the nights become as bright as day in a field of grain.

Dontcha think that the people who are doing this have a clue as to what message they want to present and then sit back laughing their backsides off when it takes weeks to solve it?

if aliens came, why bother with crop circles?

or for that matter, the drawings upon the earth that can only be seen from a great height, (ergo an airplain or a nearby mountain)

the creation of those artifacts (how did they do it? the same way!!) probably has a simpler explination.

its the same reason why michelangilo and donatello, and raphael were artist.

they had time on their hands. they had a flat field, and someone though, gee, lets do something with this.

maybe its as simple as. in this area you will find plentiful rabbit,

and in this area there are big nasty spiders that can kill you.

case in point. My husband and I went to australia on our honeymoon and stopped at a shop that had aboriginal art for sale.

Im looking at the drawings, and I realize, this society was one that had an oral history, they had pictures, and they told storys from them.

the particular art I was looking at was that of a kangaroo, and I noticed the lines, and the color, and I said, "oh, these are butcher cuts"

the mysticim aside, the spirit of the animal was compleate. if you didn't know how to , and where to cut through the bones, you would need a very big pot...

I am not saying that I don't believe in the higher power, because I do- its just- so much has been changed in the interupritation of the work that, sometimes you have to use common sense in the matter.

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What a fascinating and well constructed response. I very much enjoyed reading that. I have to say I can truly appreciate crop circles for what I assume* them to be, art. That said, I was reading of the down-side to crop circles in which farmers have had their crops all but destroyed by them. It isn't the circle itself that seems to cause the problem but the hoards of visitors who traipse through the field in order to view them. I would assume this is becoming less of a problem as the novelty and mystery of crop circles fades over time.

I saw a UFO documentary not all that long ago that looked into the phenomena of USO's (Unidentified Submerged Objects) and a story was recounted of an submerged craft of alien origin emerging from a lake and leaving a water circle behind for days that was seen by a large number of witnesses. Apparently the water was indented and remained indented at the point the craft emerged from the water. There was a photograph of the phenomena shown on the screen and to be honest I couldn't make it out but it was an intriguing story.


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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

Im the Mulder to your Scully Mark, lol I love Crop Circles and im not saying that they are all not man made as i have seen some shows on tv and read about how people can make them but i believe that some are so complicated and in detail that i find it hard to belive that they are all man made. Maybe the Crop Circles are not meant to be messages for us but for other ships or as a map to guide other ships, look at the Nazca lines, they are thought to have been drawn as a way of navigation for spaceships because when you see them from the air they are different shapes and look like different animals, maybe they are messages too, who knows but they are all fascinating, both Crop Cirlcles and the Nazca lines. :) :makingeyes:

Laura :)

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Laura check out this particular circle dubbed 'The Holy Grail' that appeared here in the UK this year right under the noses of a team of crop circle researchers who monitoring the area. It's a great story and of those circles not so easily explained away. Though I will try later lol


PS If I'm Scully and you're Mulder who's Skinner? Heck, who's Krychek? :whistling:

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a friend of mine who studied languges, and history made the conclusion, that the word "Grail" was a nonsense word. There wasn't anything in the language that supported it that meant cup. instead (and I don't remember the word as it was spelt) it was close to the term Blood, and that the remark was in essance the removeal of Mary from where she was to a place of safey.

this in mind when I looked at the picture, I saw something that reminded me of a menoira (sp) - sorry its been a very long day for me.

or it, as my husband says, could be a circutry path.

I agree that its pretty sad that the farmers lose the crops for these stunts. Maybe the people responsible should be kicking in a bond of a few million pounds for the damage they do during this process.

That would slow down the number of crop circles.

In some places in the states damage like this justifys the shoot on sight.


(just to wing them of couse, so they learn ....)

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