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Brimstone: "Millennium became a 10,000 lb albatross around our neck."


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I recall another thread some time ago in which we discussed Fox and their wisdom. As I recall they made a number of odd decisions in terms of scheduling Millennium during the first season. There was almost a period of a month between one episode and another on one or two occasions and they aired repeats of previously aired episodes in place of new episodes to boot. I don't think we ever got to the bottom of why the scheduling was quite so erratic. Fox was a little inconsistent to say the least.




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It was a very engaging show, though the various hunts seemed at times repetitive.

One thing that was kind of fun was that the hero died during the 1980s, so there were times when he was baffled by such things as laptops and the Internet. His quest to find a Reggie bar (his favorite candy bar, named after the baseball player), only to get one from a collector and find it a decade stale.

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Guest lilblackgirl

I loved Brimstone. I looked forward to it as much as MM. It had that 90's sense of humor of the time and it was very pulpy. I can see how it was compared to MM and why having both on the same night was to much. Honestly, I don't know why FOX continues to put shows on in this genre. Even at that time frame and on that night, it's just not the kind of shows that its viewers will appreciate and understand.

I would love to see this show released on DVD. Not unlike Vengeance Unlimited, it deserved more than it got and would have probably seen a better shelf life had it been moved to a cable channel or just away from the networks.

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