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Its not too hard. First you find who their agent is, and then you get a photo of lance (make sure its not a boot leg copy) and then you need to get a sase and enc it with the photo along with a nice letter asking for an autograph on the photo. You can also get a photo of yourself, blow it up and sign it and send to him. one of three things will happen. A , you don't get the photo back, b, you get it back unsigned, or c, he signs it.

find the next convention sci fi etc in your area, or if you have a comic book store, there will be geeks who sell the stuff not signed. If it is signed, make sure they have a photo of the star signing THAT photo (even if there is a stack of them) as proof. Too many fans have been taken for a ride.

If you buy off of ebay, remember that the photo itself ran between 3-5$. the signing (unless for charity) should be free from fee.

a few years ago I worked at a convention and one of the perks was getting things signed by stars that wouldn't sign. (ie brent spiner and deforest Kelly. My best friend had done a drawing of Brent on paper and it was fantastic, and all we wanted was his signature, and it was going to be my wedding present to her- because he woudn't sign anything... so at the end of the convention I get back my autograph book, and its got brents signature on it, and then we look at the drawing and on one shoulder has TO KATH and the other shoulder has BRENT SPINER... and it was like OHMYGOSH... and we were able to erase the TO KATH,,,

so if you do send it out, be sure to specify if you want your name on it...


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Guest Echelon

Umm...wow. Very complex. It would prob. be easier just to go find out where the man lives then knock on his door and just ask him for one. :devil01: lol

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