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Lance On Dennis Miller

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BEER---> Anybody catch the Dennis Miller show on Friday night? Guess who was on. Yup, Lance was there. I started watching intensly while Miller was asking Lance about AVP. Then guess what ---- he asked Lance about MIllenniuM. Oh boy, did I get excited. I couldn't believe Miller brought it up. Lance went on to discuss the show and the crowd was cheering - yes cheering. DM then asked him about a MIlllenniuM movie, Lance then said that there was a petition out there and there was alot of support for it to happen. DM then asked him what CC thought about a movie, he said the that they enjoyed discussing it. HMMM, maybe there's still hope. They also discussed a lot of Lance's films. It was a great interview.


ps. Old Man, please don't censor this post, thanks.


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I just say Lance's appearence on Dennis Miller's show on MSNBC last night, and he gave great credit to the shows fans for getting the dvd's made, and said that he is still pushing for the movie, and if it happens it will be because of the fans.

P.S. did you know he has now been in 90 films!!!!!!


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Guest KatieT

What else did he say? I shall assume he talked all about Alien vs. Predator, but were there any other Millennium mentions?

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Wow! That's great! :jumping:

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