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UFO: The Truth Is Here

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I did indeed and thank you on my behalf and all those who will no doubt enjoy beyond the confines of the board. I hope you think no ill of me but such is the rules and I think I can find a solution that suits us all but rest assured I am very, very grateful to you and if ever we can repay right kindness do not hesitate to ask.

That said, speedyshare is a bit hit and miss isn't it. I've not used it before. I don't if it's something I'm doing or a quirk with the system. I shall get there in the end.

My gratitude :notworthy:


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No prolem.

For the record: I don't go around downloading/uploading released scores; this was likely, being only made for a few locations of IMAX, in some limited run, like 500 copies and distributed; it's likely out of print, and it's beyond reason to purchase, unless you got an IMAX in your town, and they have it.

I just wanted to say that so folks don't PM me asking for released stuff. No one has done so thus far, but this is just in case, so I nip it in the butt before hand.

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Message received and understood and I am sure the good people will understand your position and not place you in an uncomfortable situation by asking for things you do not share. Again, thank you for providing this for us. I will email it to the good people here I know will enjoy it but I will be sure to credit you for the hard work and the kindness.

Today's a good day to be a Mark Snow fan methinks. :notworthy:


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Righty-ho folks. Thanks to the kindness of The New Number Two (remember, your gratitude to him, not to me) I have got all of the files that comprise this and it is superb. I can't believe I have never heard this wonderful music before. We really are lucky today folks. If you want a link to the files send me a PM with your email address and I will mail you a link. It will be tomorrow sometime when the emails are sent as it is quite large and I will upload it during the night when I'm not using the PC.

All the best,


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I would also be willing to provide any of the following:

Ernest Saves Christmas promo - 25 track; 48:17 ***** + (loseless)

Skateboard (Excellent LP transfer OOP; never on CD) - 15 tracks; 39:40 (Some songs.) * ***** (loseless)

MillenniuM season 1 promo - 23 tracks; 75:42 * ***** (loseless) +

The X-Files: Scores to the season 5 episodes: "Post-Modern Prometheus" + "A Christmas Carol" + "Emily" - 6 tracks; 56:43 ****.5 (loseless) +

The X-Files: "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" - tracks; (loseless)

But the earliest I would be able to, is Monday.

Percepto Records won't be releasing anymore Cds, so I would guess it's only a matter of time before you won't be able to buy the Cd-R promo of "Ernest Saves Christmas" from them.

I have the tracklist to "UFO" somwhere around, but I don't know where.

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