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Any Plans For A Millennium Soundtrack?

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Guest Flo

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Hello Everybody!

I am new to this board, but a long time Millennium Fan (since 1996 :-)

I had a question, and i am sorry if this has been answered before: is there any word if Fox will be releasing a soundtrack album for Millennium (with the instrumental pieces from Mark Snow) ?

I thought i had read something along these lines @ the millennial abyss a while back, but haven't heard anything since..



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Hi Flo,

Welcome to This Is Who We Are! Its always a pleasure to welcome new Members! :ouro:

We have a section of TIWWA dedicated to Mark Snow where you can find a pinned Topic containing the sample versions of "The Best Of Millennium by Mark Snow" which is the only officially released soundtrack. Its currently only available via the iTunes legitmate MP3 download program run by Apple. Normally you would hve to download the iTunes software to access the 30 second samples from each track but we are a kind and generous lot here and have downloaded and uploaded to TIWWA the sample tracks. If you like them you have to buy the full versions through iTunes.

Nobody quite knows why Fox have chosen to release the soundtrack electronically but I imagine its due to them thinking there will be low demand for a retail CD.

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Guest Xircuits

Well this is Mark Snow's work. I heard that the songs featured in the episodes couldn't be used to make a soundtrack because the rights were only for the episode at the time of the showing. I read that was just 1 of the many reasons why MillenniuM DVD hasn't been out sooner.

But correct me if I'm wrong.

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THanks so much for your reply!

This is good news, having to download the soundtrack is still better than not having it at all!!


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