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Tales From The Crypt


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I love Tales From The Crypt. It's a great concept that home some superb episodes and I was reminded of Lance's outing that show when I can across a blog that reviewed it recently. The chap who reviews the episode credits it as one of the best episodes of the whole show and though I can't agree purely because I can't remember a great many of the episodes, this one is certainly a superb episode and Lance is great in it. "Cutting Cards" is somewhat similar in premise to a Saw film and got there many, many years before Saw did. I wondered if you guys had seen it and what you thought of it?

Anyhow here's a link to a couple of reviews of the episode if you need your memories jogging.





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Sadly I havn't seen it. You could buy various episodes only cut and not even all the episodes here. That leads me to the good news: a few months ago a German label released the first season and a few weeks ago they released the second (incl. "Cutting Cards"). So finally I will get the chance to see it for the first time some time near. Very excited. I'm also really looking forward to see the famous episode starring the fabulous Tim Curry in various roles (playing a whole family). Season three will bring the second and last appearance of Lance within the Tales from the Crypt and it will be released here spring 2011.

Besides; I did saw Two-Fisted Tales (1991) the cut together of three Tales from the Crypt incl. the season three ep with Lance. That was a nice one.

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