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Klea Scott Sighting

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Guest Regan MacNeil

How big is her part? "FBI Agent 1" sounds pretty small, her character doesn't even have a name! I did want to see that movie though.

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Heheheheh....I went to that movie. On the way to the theater, I thought to myself, "I bet there will be a Millennium actor in this movie, I wonder which one it will be?" When Klea appeared, I started giggling...it was difficult to explain to my boyfriend why I was giggling so much, since he has never seen the show.

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Guest SouthernCelt

New sighting on TV.

Klea Scott was on "Medical Investigation" last night playing the wife of one of the investigation team members. (Sorry don't remember the characters names.)

Since this show doesn't focus often on the home lives of the principals, it's hard to judge if her role will be repeated.

Also the story involved the progressive infection of members of a combination military/civilian science team in the arctic. The final stages of the infection caused hallucinations, paranoia, violent behavior, :fraghim: and death (several by suicide). I immediately thought of the early X-Files episode about the parasite released from an ice-core sample. In this case it proved to be caused by a pneumonia pathogen that caused a brain abcess (ugh). :puke:

Also, I noticed that the exterior shots of the research station were either clips from John Carpenter's "The Thing" or the set still exists and was used for this episode.

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