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Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia

Guest blubeetle

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Guest blubeetle

Hi Laura, Charger and everyone else! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Really, I've never been to a community like this--I mean, not this kind and attentive to members. Truly a rare thing. I want to be here for the long haul.



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The people here are truly wonderful. They do make new members welcome there's no doubt about it. I have perused other communities in my time and haven't dared post at all. Some of them can be very foreboding.

I have to say I agree with the statement about the fanbase being bigger than we assume. Let's face it, we are fairly hardcore in our support. You have to be to log into a forum on such a regular basis to celebrate the show. There are plenty of folk out there who like the show bit simply do not have the time or inclination to become involved in fandom. Considering the show is repeated regularly and the boxed sets are available to buy a whole new generation of fans is waking up to the show, some of whom were not old enough to watch it the first time around.

The one thing that remains consistent in all this change is this message board and I would doubt there's very many fans of the show who haven't passed this way over the years.

It's wonderful to have our family grow and change as much as it does.

This is who we are!




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Guest blubeetle

This is who we are, indeed.

It's amazing that even the slogan itself suits perfectly and subtly to many contexts and personal equations. And even more powerful with the theme song running in the back of my mind, it makes me giddy and want to watch the entire season 1&2 all over again.

To me personally, Secret Society theme never gets old. It's a very powerful story device to hook the audience on their seats, if played masterfully. And Mr. Carter is definitely a master in this case.


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