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Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while now, browsing occasionally for the last year or so (and wasn't there an older forum as well?). With anticipation of the season 1 DVD release, I've been frequenting the board so much more this summer, watchin for news and comments! With the reality of MillenniuM on DVD now, i figured the time is now to join the forum!

I've been a big fan of the show since about the end of Season 1...loved the show when it premiered but lacked the time to really follow the show as I was a going into my junior year of college/university. However catching a summer of season 1 reruns before the new season started...and the Season 2 opener really grabbed my attention...I was definitely hooked! Just some amazing amazing television that I'm so glad to have enjoyed...and enjoy again on DVD format! I went thru some pains to get some of season 1 eps taped off FX..and season 2 eps taped off of FOX are probably not going to see many more years...

So i best stop yammering about "how i fell for MillenniuM"...and a little about me, I'm 28, born and raised in Chicago area (aye, an american), living in Colorado for the past couple years, in grad school, continuing my goal of working as an archaeologist in Mexico, big movie geek/artfag, music freak...

I'm hoping I'll have some time to post from time to time, this is a sharp looking forum, and many of ya really on top of the latest developments with MillenniuM!




joys are often the shadows cast by sorrows...

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