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Lance Henriksen Pottery and Interview

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Most people don't know that Lance does pottery. I noticed that some of his work is posted on ebay. Here's the 2005 Comic Con in San Diego for FeoAmante.com very interesting interview. Here's a link to some images of his pottery.

Lance Henriksen Interview (Part 1)


Lance Henriksen Interview (Part 2)


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Back when his pottery was offered thru an on-line art studio we talked about it a lot here . I had planned on buying one of his platters. I saved for months and when I returned to see if the one I wanted was still for sale the site was closed. Sometime later it was announced he had sold his house with his workshop. The only artwork of his I have been able to find since is his 'Alien' collection. If anyone finds his platters or vases for sale I hope they post it here. :pumpkin4:

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