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The Old Man

To All Members - General Reminder...

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Once again, it is necessary to point out that this is a Millennium forum and fans of the Series come here primarily to discuss and read about Millennium, they nor I do not expect to see or read the kind of off topic, flame-baiting and personal attacks that Religion (in the past) and Politics have recently brought in a couple of off-Topic discussions.

Its not gone unnoticed by myself that removing off-topic areas would make life a lot easier for everyone concerned and improve TIWWA in general. However we continue to provide off-topic areas such as the Debate Den as a courtesy and additional benefit for those who wish to interact with other Members about non-Millennium subjects. In the future it may be necessary to bolster or even remove off-topic provisions but for now the off-topic facilities remains open and provided for responsible debaters to enjoy.

Recently TIWWA Members were asked if they wanted to see a return of the debate and discussion of non-Millennium related topics and to see if the Selfosophy forums could be re-opened. The recent behaviour of a few individuals has not done anything to increase faith in me that the provision of those facilities won't be abused and become troublesome once again.

To those involved let me be quite clear:

  • We (Elders) do not tolerate attacks or threats and intimidation of Board Staff.
  • We (Elders) WILL enforce at every opportunity the Boards rules that ALL Members (Candidates) agree to follow and abide by when they complete their registration. We do so to protect and maintain the peaceful and open environment that is This Is Who We Are Millennium Message Board, which the majority of Members (Candidates) appreciate, respect and enjoy.

The Elder Team that administrate and moderate TIWWA do so purely by donating their own valued free time and resources. I won't tolerate them or ANY Board Member being abused, intimated or threatened in any way. I provide TIWWA at my own financial expense and it is provided for the benefit of those Members who continue to enjoy and respect the Board. Its often quoted by me that individuals should not be surprised to find that others do not share the same thoughts and opinions that they do but this should not be taken as permission to be disruptive, disrespectful or troublesome.

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