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Memorable Moments

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Just one for now........Sacrament: Greens father standing on top of the stairs with cigarette smoke blowing out of his nose and Franks image of Green in the lake of fire....pretty powerful images

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I could never forget the scene when Catherine looks up the stairs in Lamentation and see's the Long Haired Man. TV's most terrifying moment?

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Guest fledgling666

gehenna- when the cult leader looks through the one-way mirror at lance.

powers, pricipalities, thrones and dominions- when the angel kills pepper

i just thought of something else..........

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From Kingdom Come in the church near the end:

Galen: "The first lie that passes your lips I blow

your head off."

Frank: "What do you want to know?"

Galen: "Are you afraid to die, Frank?"

Frank: "Yes."

Galen: "Then you don't believe in God."

Frank: "I haven't thought about it in a very long


Galen: "Why?"

Frank: "Because I've seen the innocent die. I've seen

children murdered in their beds. The weak and helpless

slaughtered, without purpose, without sense."

Galen: "Then you *know* the truth. You know that God

has abandoned us. That's why you're afraid to die.

Just like I am."

Frank: "No."

Galen: "You're lying."

Frank: "I'm afraid, Galen, but not like you. You're

afraid to die, because you fear God's judgment."

Galen: "I've... lost my faith."

Frank: "No, you've tried to kill it, but you can't.

I've... seen your ritual. You try to kill your faith

with the tools of your own belief because of your

pain, because you think God's forsaken you. You think

that you can get rid of your pain by slaughtering the

faith that's inside you."

From [a href=http://www.timferrante.com/Abyss/Transcripts/mlm103.txt]Millennial Abyss{/a]

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This conversation reminds me of Fa. Merrin from the Exorcist.....someone that has lost his faith but finds it at the end

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That Kingdom Come scene definatly!

Another would be in the Pilot, when they find that man in the coffin, and Frank takes him, sobbing, into his arms.

In Dead Letters, at that picnic at Frank's house, when he manages to go from talking to James about HIS problems, and winds it around to explaining the mind of the killer they are searching for. "A Dead Letter, lost at the post office."

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A few really intense scenes from "The Thin White Line":

1) The interrogation room scene with Frank and Hance. One of the best interrogations I've seen on a TV show, ever.

2) The dream with the two Franks. Horrific.

3) The last scene where Bletcher shoots Tyler. "How did we get to this place where the only thing we're good for is notifying the loved ones?"

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