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History Channel: Moon Is Hollow Spacecraft From Another Solar System

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I watched only the beginning bit, where it mentioned that the command module crashed into the moon, and the moon rang like a bell. That reminded me of something that I learned from one of my DVD-based lectures, and I've now track it down.

From the provided course notes of "How the Earth Works", by Professor Michael E Wysession, Washington University in St Louis:

For large earthquakes, the seismic waves can be detected circling the globe for many months, which sets Earth ringing like a bell. These reverberations are called modes of oscillation.

  • the periods of Earth's modes of oscillation, just like the tones of a bell or gong, are the direct result of the composition and structure of Earth, and have been used to investigate it.
  • Earth's longest mode, essentially its fundamental note of vibration, is 54 minutes long, corresponding to the surface repeatedly going up for 27 minutes and then going down for 27 minutes. This would correspond to the note of an E, 20 octaves below middle E on a piano.

That's interesting in the context of that video, because it shows that the ability of an object to ring like a bell has nothing to do with being hollow.

Anyway, if there were living creatures on the moon, they'd probably be Clangers:

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