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The Neo-Transcendentalists for the Society of the 3rd Millennium

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Raven Wolf

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I checked out the wikipedia entry for the Guidestones, and although I'm not sure I'd accept whatever the purpose of these have, they are the result of someone's endeavours. And even though they were constructed in 1979, I like the fact that they use some of the ancient languages (Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Egyptian Hieroglyphs). The whole thing could be a bit "woo", but I don't mind, considering the workmanship and energy that's gone into making these Guidestones (no more do I mind that Stonehenge has been somewhat usurped by druidism, which is a 19th century construct).

But vandalism rarely has a purpose (except maybe for Banksy). The picture on the Elberton Star isn't clear enough to see what message the vandals might have been trying to make.

The link provided in the Elberton Star of www.s3k.org doesn't resolve ("server not found"). I googled on "s3k.org" which gave the first link as www.synagogue3000.org, with an internal link to "s3K reports". From a brief perusal of that website, I can't see that they would have been involved at all in any kind of vandalism.

But a further google on "The Neo-Transcendentalists For The Society Of The Third Millennium" results in a rather extraordinary website which includes "2010-2012 STRATEGIC OVERVIEW OF "THE THIRD WAY" FOR THE NON-VIOLENT SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION" and "Monolithic Milestones Guerrilla Art Project to Breakthrough into Mainstream".

It was at that point that I gave up. Although I'm not at all "woo", I've always regarded the Wiccan rede of "An it harm none, do what ye will" a very good starting point and guide. But this vandalism has harmed the people of Elberton. In my view, anyone who uses that kind of tactic to garner attention immediately fails because they demonstrate they have no concern or care about the community they trample on.

I echo the :censored: sentiment.

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The newspaper article has now vanished, since it's been a week from when that was published, so I'm trying to hunt down piectures and bits of the story to post here.

The photo of the Guidestones, after this little stunt, can be found by clicking here.

I found this paragraph on another message board, which someone had cut/pasted from the neo site.

Interacting parts create non-reducible emergent properties at an higher level

The Universe comprises many equally valuable emergent levels

Many alternative evolutionary options exist at each level

Options have fitness implications within their own level and also to those higher and lower

Science can help us evaluate and choose the option giving best overall fitness

Human fitness relates holistically to physical, psychological and abstract levels

Our overall fitness comprises the totality of our values in relation to the Universe

The sum of our relational values comprises our Quality of Life - our current fitness

For maximum fitness we must balance our sensual, emotional and intellectual needs

Balance needs a parallel (intuitive) mode of thought and not a serial (intellectual) mode.

Individuals are intimately inter-connected with both nature and spirit - all is one

Intuition integrates our multidimensional relations into alternative overall fitnesses

Our future evolution depends upon our choice between these alternatives

Morality relates to whether our evolutionary path is positive-sum or negative-sum overall

Holistic intuitive ability needs educational development as much as does intellect

Enlightened self-actualization must include an intuitive personal growth path

Growth means transcending animal behaviour and embracing all the levels of our Universe

Maximum fitness is achieved when measured and chosen holarchically

And I found a facebook page, which tells a little more.....

The Third Millennium Society


Non-Profit Organization

Basic Information


March 3, 1992


We are the new generation. A generation with a voice, a generation with a vision and a generation with a cause!

Company Overview

Fausto & Artento Divini (NL)

Dock 45 (NL)

Coone & Isaac (BE/NL)

Stephanie (IT)

Wildstylez (NL)

Technoboy (IT)

Headhunterz (NL)

Noisecontrollers (NL)

Frontliner (NL)

Directed by MC DV8 (NL)


3MS is a society of young free thinkers that want to preserve Earth by using our minds. We believe that the exploitation of Earths resources not only pollute the world we live in. We strongly believe that not the happy few, but all people should equally benefit from treasures of nature, while the balance with nature should be restored to a non-abusive and self regenerating level.

We started of in the Early 90's as a hardcore internet community that used computer-science to bring capitalism on it's knees. Over the years we positively altered our strategy with the support of young intellectuals that started joining our cause. Within 2 decades we grew from a group of "cyber terrorist" into a serious beneficial organisation counting over 28 million active members on a global scale.

The world has seen enough results from the old boys networks, the lobbyists and the political agendas that stimulate the power of money. Many of our members live and work their everyday life in the offices of governments, multinationals and NGO's. The rapid globalisation empowered us to bring the naked truth around the globe in no-time. Almost effortlessly spilling the dark secrets of governments, questioning the real agendas of multinationals and publishing facts that address the true nature of disasters.

We are the new generation. A generation with a voice, a generation with a vision and a generation with a cause!

Meet us on Twitter, meet us on Facebook, we are your neighbour, your brother, we are your friend, so what are you waiting for. Your future started just now!




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