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Raven Wolf

Dark Shadows

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Well, the rest of my life may be falling apart, but life (especially eternal life) goes on in the entertainment industry, and I am tickled PINK that 2 of my tv/movie favorites have been married together to create something that's bound to be a HOOT!

Johnny Depp, most widely known for his portrayal of Captian Jack Sparrow, will bring the roll of beloved vampire Barbabas Collins to life next year. I'd heard about this months ago, but today I found this wonderful article. I recognize so many names of what's become the "Depp" team, including Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and music by Danny Elfman.

You can read the article here.

Wow.....this is sure to be quite a ride!

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Thanks for the reply! I know this is FAR from being "Millenniumistic", but I've been far too 'dark' lately, and a little Depp is just what the doctor ordered! In fact, Terry and I managed to scrape together enough money to go see the 4th Pirates, today! Wow! What a ride!

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