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I need a larger version of this image...

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There are plenty of ouroboroses... ourobori?... whatever out there, but I need a larger version of this particular design with the lines and the runes.

Anyone? :)

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It looks like one of the images Mark Hayden created for out TIWWA TV, but not the final choice. I will see if I can find the posts, maybe they are all still there.

Here's the link to page one of four, but the picture above is not there. Guess I saw it somewhere else. I will keep looking. Until then, maybe you would like one of the other ones.

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Guest kath


along time ago, I had a large version of it, and managed to sift through it to get what the icons were. I had sent a message to the person who ran the offical website at the time who had contact with the developers and he said "they were just random images that they found to place in there"

However, I recognized a good many of them. it's taken me - well, since the shows end to find a book that might have some clue as to what they are- and its odd, because you would think that some of them were witchcraft based, (if not all of them) but some are planetary symbols, some are mathmatical- a few are runes

I have a mug that I made, years ago (actually I made 6 of them but gave away 5 over the years at christmas time) and it has all of the symbols pulled out, If I can find it, I will take a photo of it and you can see the images better, *if* thats what your looking for.


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Sorry to steal the thunder from someone else's request but I have the same thing to ask, except of THIS image...


I remember it ran in Entertainment Weekly before the series aried and it was hanging up in my old house before I moved. Anyone have a bigger version of this?

And has the photo of Lance holding his head in his hands ever been sourced? This is the only time I've seen it...

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The image at the link you posted is 200 x 302. The largest I have is a 298 x 462. It's not much, but I believe is all that's available, unless we can find out who originally created it, and I don't remember who that was. A larger version could be posted here somewhere when it was first created. Maybe it's someone #1 The Old Man or Libby would remember.

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