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What is Rocket McGrain's Best Line?  

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On 7/21/2011 at 12:19 AM, IHaveGoodInstincts said:

I will have to watch the episode again to get a good context for Giebelhouse, but he does have sort of an unexpected peculiar look on his face in the pic, which fits the bill. Bob had a lot of funny lines in that episode as well. That whole "Good-Looking-Feminist-Porn-Lesbian" thing comes to mind!


"Uh, no I don't neither"


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From what I recall, 1013 were challenged by the organisation that has Science and tology in their name, and it took a bit of effort to assure them that, no, the writers/producers weren't referring to them at all.

The line you quote, wolvesevolve, which is such an exquisitely funny line, is in response to Robbinski who twice says: "to the fullest extent of, [pause] but in full accordance with, [pause] the law". The actor really got the timing right, no doubt because Darin Morgan was directing. Actually, now I come to think about, I don't think anyone other than Darin Morgan could have directed that episode.

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I love this episode. I just love it! I voted for " Is there blood?" Just the way he did it, holding his hand up, the look. So NOT Frank Blackish! LOL The punch was funny as heck too. Why the selfosophy psycho had McGrane punching people in the balls would be a good topic for Freud to delve into. And the overplaying everyone did of their charagters personalities, delightful! Millenniumistic!

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