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O.K. We all need a good dose of Millennium.

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yeah! that is why there is still a chance for Millennium in Netflix. Dreaming with a new chapter/movie, I did quickly a couple of pics with the last time that we saw the Blacks :-) I will keep saying this: still the most believable family that I´ve ever seen on tv.



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@ Frank black Jr. ~ I agree, they are the most believable family because the show delivered the ups and downs of family life in a very subtle way.  Just the simple conversation about Watts waiting outside the house and Catherine telling Frank ~

 I can handle imposition, Frank. What I can’t handle is secrecy.


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Even with the dark places it explored it always had that warmth from family, in a very uncomplicated way which I loved. Catherine wasn't just the wife in the background like it often is, they were incredibly honest with eachother as well as tender.

You still don't really see that in shows much even now that balance. 

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In Anamnesis there's a scene with Lara and Catherine as they talk about Clare, themselves and Frank.  To set the stage, I have copied and pasted the entire section, and bolded the point I myself want to make regarding Catherine.

REVEREND HANES: (dipping his hands in water) I baptize thee in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
[Clare's friends have each been baptized, their hair slicked back. Lara and Catherine watch sympathetically from the pews as Reverend Hanes approaches Clare who backs up in fear.]
CLARE: (shouting) No!
[The other patrons in the church gasp as a bright light appears between Reverend Hanes and Clare. Hanes stares with wonder and the girls fold their hands in prayer. Mary Magdalene, wrapped in a shimmering gold cloak, turns toward Clare with affection. The spectators murmur and Catherine gawks in amazement. Clare smiles, while Lara is near tears.]
CLARE: Mother, forgive them. They know not what they do.
[Ray escorts his daughter out of the church as people reach toward her, placing their hands on her shoulders. Reverend Hanes approaches Clare with a longing for forgiveness and understanding in his eyes. Ray and Clare simply turn away and continue walking. Alex observes his father's behavior and stands among the crowd in resentment. Catherine joins Lara who is watching from a distance.]
CATHERINE: Those words – Clare believed she was being crucified.
LARA: Of course not.
CATHERINE: Christians hold that plea sacred.
LARA: (turns around sharply) Clare holds it sacred, too. How would you feel if you were baptized against your will by a religion who transformed Mary Magdalene of the gnostic texts, the apostle of the apostles, into a mere prostitute?
CATHERINE: You've seen this before – working with The Millennium Group?
LARA: (saddened) No. I've seen. That's why The Group wants me. That's why they want Frank. I've had the experience my entire life. But not like this, not like Clare. She seems to understand what's happening to her, who she is. I envy her strength, as I fear my growing weakness.
CATHERINE: Will Frank grow weaker?
LARA: What Frank sees is also different. He uses his ability and manipulates it to see evil, to feel it. I never know where evil lies, only that it exists. (pleading) Don't leave him alone, Catherine. These visions are so isolating. Lately, they seem to prey on my loneliness, driving me to an inevitability.
[Catherine listens with empathy.]
LARA: And if it's true for me, then it will be true for Frank - unless you're there.

I've said it may times that Catherine kept Frank balanced, and without her, he would totally lose it.  That's why "The Sound of Snow" was such an important episode, it gave Frank closure, and the peace he needed to continue on.

Love these episodes, they are two of my all-time favorites, along with "Force Majeure," "Luminary" and "The Mikado."  And, the list goes on and on.

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 Everyone knew Catherine was Frank's touchstone.   If they knew Frank they knew Catherine was the one that kept him in balance.  If it werent' for Jordan needing him?  Frak would not have survived Catherine's death.

I liked the sound of snow too.  We all needed to have Frank have closure.

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P S ~ Was just made aware of the fact that USB ports have always been 2.0, but now they have flash drives that are 3.0.  It can cause problems if you don't have the driver(s) to open the drive in the USB port.  My son's laptop can open a Lexar thumb drive that we have, a 3.0, but my Win 7 tells me I don't have a driver for it.  After calling my computer guys, over the phone they directed me to the drivers, I downloaded them, but the computer is still not opening that one flash drive.  So weird.

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