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O.K. We all need a good dose of Millennium.

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I'm thinking maybe Peter killed the man, in the face, and changed their clothes to make it look like it was him dead.  I still think Peter is just too smart to get caught off guard.  And yes, Frank Jr., the briefcase, something most people would forget about.

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Mr Carter has been saying that for almost 2 decades so...Anyway, I'm glad he still has it in mind. For me, the best chance is something like the X-files: 6 episodes or something like that. I still have hope anyway...if Axl Rose is back with Slash and the other guys, why not 6 new episodes with Frank Black?


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I like the way CC put it in the article, " Right now we’re so focused on [The X-Files] that there are no talks about doing anything else.”  He doesn't say he's not thinking about it or he hasn't any ideas.

I love this part ~ “I can tell you, there is a constant drumbeat to bring back Millennium..."

I agree, Harsh Realm does "deserve another chance," at the least to give the fans closure, but I just don't see it coming since it was cancelled before the end of season 1.  It's cancelling was a shame because the show was really good.  The Lone Gunmen are 6 feet under, so that will never return, unless of course there are 3 new Gunmen.

The article at the beginning is correct, "Nostalgia is proving to be big business in the industry......."  So, WE WANT FRANK BACK.

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