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What's Scrapple?

Guest I_am_Jess

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Guest I_am_Jess

Today I was pondering the beginning of Kingdom Come (S1, E6) and thinking about when Frank is cooking and says that it is 'Scrapple' or leftovers.

I love cooking (and food), and when I try to think back to what I could see in this scrapple that Frank was cooking, I can't really tell what it's ingredients were. It looked a bit like scrambled eggs with vegies mixed in.

Before I go look at this episode again and try to figure out what is in it, could anybody tell me what it is?

I assume it's like 'Bubble and Squeak' which is what we have in Australia, with the leftovers from our baked/roast dinners. this all chopped and mixed together and then reheated in a frypan makes a squeak noise when cooking. It is oh-so-delicious on toast for brekky!

Oh, and don't worry, my cooking skills are more progressed then this!

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This link is the transcript, and all it says is that he's cooking scrambled eggs. Maybe Libby would know since she's the one who is responsible for posting all the transcripts. What a big job that was too. Thanks Libby.

Guess it's what Frank said:


[Morning, sunny. The Black residence.]

[inside, Frank is in the kitchen, at the stove, frying some scrambled eggs in a pan. Jordan sits at the counter eating her breakfast. Frank chuckles to himself as Catherine enters the room.]

CATHERINE: Something smells wonderful. What is it?

FRANK: Scrapple.

JORDAN: What's scrapple?

FRANK: It's a mystery.

CATHERINE: It's leftovers.


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It was the excellent Maria Vitale who transcribed the season 1 episodes - all I did was to check the dialogue. Maria was working from her video recordings, whereas I worked from the DVDs, where closed captioning is a lot better.

I had never heard of "scrapple" before, and whatever Frank was cooking it doesn't look much like the wikipedia explanation. From memory, it didn't look much like "Bubble and Squeak" either, which here in the UK is probably much the same as in Australia. It did look more like scrambled eggs with some veg.

But that raises another "behind the scenes" question: given that they would have had to set up that scene for rehearsals and then repeated takes, I wonder what the set decorators would have used - probably nothing edible; more like what advertisers use to make foods look wonderful, although they probably use styrofoam or somesuch.

Bubble and Squeak is a delicious and mostly healthy food. Although I do subscribe to the Terry Pratchett view of food that there are four main groups: sugar, starch, grease, and burnt crunchy bits. :whistling:


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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

Hi all :)

Scrapple is something that is mainly in the north in the United States and mainly in Pennsylvania. Having been in Pennsylavania for a month i have learned it is not something i would eat. lol It is a little bit of everything left over from a butchering of a hog i believe. It is a staple up there but not here lol People fry it up and eat it with just about anything or alone. Not this girl lol

Laura :)

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Did someone say Pennsylvania ?!?!

Home sweet home!

I think it may be similar to "Bangers," (sausage with more filler than sausage?) if my limited "British-English" serves me correctly.

It's literally less popular pork parts with a similar consistancy to finely ground beef, usually pan fried like breakfast sausage. Liverwurst (which is usually more than just liver!) would be its lunchmeat equivilent.

When I was more of a meat and cholesterol eater, I liked it, as long as I didn't read the ingredients. There is also deer scrapple for you hunters who have brought your deer to the butcher and are looking for ways to ge the most bang for your buck.

This is NOT what I was expecting to enter for my 300th post !!!


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