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New TV show is Looking for preppers/survivalists

The Old Man

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The following information was submitted via the Contact page of Millennium - This is who we are:

Name: Michelle Reindal

E-mail Address: mreindal@sfpseattle.com



I'm currently casting for a pilot television show about preppers/survivalists. I think you may be a great resource for finding well prepared people, who would be open to appearing on camera. I'm wondering if you would be willing to post this info on your blog or website, or just pass this info along to anyone you think would be interested.

The gist:

It’s a 30 minute show, and we will feature two stories. We are mostly interested in seeing what the person has prepared or prepped, and right now we’re specifically looking for someone with a stocked bunker or extensive prep. The idea is to meet the person and see what they've prepared, then bring in a survivalist expert to evaluate how long you could actually live for if a catastrophe were to happen.

The purpose of the show is not to exploit beliefs, we actually want to cast people who the viewers will be able to relate to. We also want to feature someone who has prepped extensively, either in the home, or in a bunker. We really want something visually stunning.

This has been extremely hard to cast because of the secretive nature of the people who are preparing--which is completely understandable. I am contacting you because I think it's important to get the word out about survivalists/preppers--that they aren't all crazy people, that most of them are smart, well-informed people who we could take a lesson from. And I am hoping you will be able to pass this info along if you know someone who may be interested in participating.

We can provide full anonymity, and compensation is $1000 for the person who is chosen.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time!

Michelle Reindal | producer | screaming flea productions | mreindal@sfpseattle.com

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I caught a little bit of the show last night. I saw a section about a couple with lots and lots of food and ammo. Then the "experts" rated how they were doing. I know people here (Colorado) that have a secluede place set up to get away if needed. They certainly wouldn't want to broadcast this info. on national TV.

I have emergency supplies for a few weeks should the power go out or something. And I have a bug-out -bag with survival gear should the zombies attack. So, this show is a interesting for me.

Anyone else have supplies on hand?

"What you do when you think no one is looking is who you are."

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In my younger days I was prepared and practiced my survival skills. Now I'm old and handicapped and zombie fodder so I keep the ketchup close. [ everything tastes better with ketchup on it] ..lol

you can pick your friends... you can pick your nose .... but you can NEVER pick your friend's nose !!


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The winter before I moved to my current house, there was a big ice storm that knocked out electricity to my area for a 2 week period. It can be difficult to prepare for that let alone something worse. Hurricane Irene knocked out electricity to portions of central New Jersey for over a week, which made things difficult there as well. These were minor outages, and they still caused major disruption.

I think having 2 weeks of provisions is better probably better planning than the majority of the population, but I'm guessing without statistics here.

I still stand by my first post in that giving too much detail and giving into a reality TV show is a huge mistake. Celebrity status is not all good and fun!


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