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Quality On PAL Vs. NTSC

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Guest Zion

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Hey all,

first off I'd like to say big up to the creators of this extensive message board on of the greatest television shows ever produced!!

An secondly I was wondering if anyone out there knows if there's any difference on the quality on region 1 vs. region 2 DVDs?? Working as a broadcast designer I perhaps should know this, but all the stuff I do is in good ol' 25 fps PAL and not in NTSC. :wink:

Millennium is ,as we all know, filmed on film and therefor I imagine in 24 fps. This is later converted into NTSCs 29.97 fps with a process called 2:3 pulldown. And does anyone know if they do the PAL version from the original 24 fps film or is it converted from the NTSC version?? If the latter method is used I suspect there would be a loss in quality, or..??

But to go back to my orginal question, would I see a difference in quality when comparing the region 1 (USA) and region 2 (Europe) DVDs ??



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To the best of my knowledge the show was cut on video, so the PAL versions are converted from NTSC. If it's done well there isn't significant loss of quality because the PAL resolution is a bit higher (in old seasons of the X-Files it's not done well). Doing new transfers from film would mean having the episodes re-telecined which is costly.

But I'm just self-educated in these matters, so maybe there's somebody here who knows more.

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