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The past is the present

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Has anyone in this group see a comparison between Carters mind and whats happening in the world today ? The religious overtones,CONTROL ! Only his time period was abit off,everything else,he was a visionary <it's a shame only a few have seen the truth,and the one's who have,isn't it a heavy burden to carry ?

If you have any views,( for or against ) what I just said,my e-mail is bluees@netzero.net.I know you are out there.Power to the people,not the government !

Write me,because the time is now. This is who we are.

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Michael, welcome to the group and our home away from home. Hope to see you here often.

Anamnesis is also my favorite episode.

I believe since the beginning of man it's been about control and power, with religion being one of the worst culprits, if not the worst. Look at all the atrocities that has been done in the name of God. Man's pride has to be fed, control and power accomplishes that.

There are many people that see the truth, or may I say, have the message. The thing is, most of them keep a low profile and only through word of mouth and networking can we begin to connect. May I recommend a dear friend of mine that I have known since the early 80s, who has a publication that is sent all over the world. His name is Elwin, and here's the link to his site. I believe he is one of the messengers.


3 cheers for "Power to the People." clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Hello group,I am so pleased to be involved,and I hope to one day become a full member.I know how Frank Black felt when his world was falling apart around him,because I too am suffering from the same malediction.The truth is out there,if we are willing to bind together and find it.Keeping a low key,I believe will no longer work,the time for action is now.Millennium started out as a consulting firm,and it turned against it's own members.Sounds like something we all know,doesn't it.As 2012 fast approaches we need to bind together,as I said, move,make noise,but make it quietly.Be careful,there are prying ears and eyes everywhere.Danger is just around the corner,be careful.And never forget,THIS IS WHO WE ARE !!!!

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