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.NOT WISHING TO START ANOTHER SHITSTORM LIKE ON MOV-(hence no refernce to "who" "how" EVER!!!)-but i joyously,thankfully have a 4:09 version of the S3 mm-theme-(with the extra "voice" of music,so to speak, in the backround). it is stunning to hear!!! :p   about 2:35 through the song there is a 49-second lull comprised entirely of the backround "human" chorus which was most prominent during S3.  it is utterly trance inducing in it's melody :love:  there is no evidence that this a hack job. there are no cut-offs/drop-offs,etc. the entire peice flows perfectly. i'm not sure if this may indicate a willingness by fox to rlease all 3-seasons if S1 does reasonably well but it seems like a good sign to me.-(I HOPE!!!).  It "could" also be futher evidence that mark snow is in the process of releasing A LOT of MM-music in one fashion or another(???)   I HOPE TO GET MORE TRACKS/PEICES AND WILL POST MY THOUGHTS ON THEM IF I AM FORUNATE ENOUGH TO GET MORE MUSIC. -(THIS MUSIC "DID NOT" COME VIA THE PERSON WHO TRADED WITH ME FOR THE 75-MIN-S1-SOUNTRACK).         I "HOPE" TO HAVE MORE INFO TO SHARE SOON!               ~HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS :bigsmile:

                                 DAVE :ouro:  :santa:

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