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Take the X-Files, MillenniuM and Harsh Realm's title sequences ending sentences and you have a somewhat philisophical statement.

The truth is out there. Who cares? It's just a game.

And in my last post people seemed to take it that I was complaining that the UK get the second and third dvd sets before the US. That's not what I meant. What I meant was it's not fair that yall get the sets so close together and we have to wait months at a time. That was my point.

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Oh please, can you explain again... I'm afraid I didn't understand what you said about the ending sentences...

edition: that's right, I've just understood! Sorry...

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Very interesting, Caleb. Part of me says it's just coincidence because they would have been working on each show's "catchphrase" separately and at different times, but, you know, those 1013 guys have often put things into episodes that aren't immediately obvious, or require a bit of thinking to find out these things, so nothing would surprise me. It's quite philosophical in a way. It would make for a good T-shirt!

Also, this Brit didn't take offence at any remarks you made about us getting the DVDs before the US. Personally, I think you're absolutely justified in complaining about the different release schedules. We've all waited so long for these DVDs that the least Fox could do was to release them on the same date everywhere. On the rare occasion that US shows have had Region 2 releases before Region 1 I've been tempted to smirk - but not for MM. We could have had co-ordinated episode-watching! Think what it could have been like if everyone who bought the DVDs round the world could sit down and watch a particular episode at the same time as everyone else - then come here and discuss it. Would have been awesome.


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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