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Millennium Manga?

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  • 10 months later...

I was just doing a google image search for Megan Gallagher which brought me to this cute Manga pic of her. With a little experimentation because I can't read Japanese I found the primary page and then came here to post it and let every one know. But I see you're acquainted with this person's work from earlier threads.

If you haven't been here yet take a look at it. I especially like the animated (so to speak) image on the left of this page.



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Millennium Manga, in fact any comic rendering of Millennium, would be a dream come true for me. The site you linked to has an intriguing little 'Millennium Tarot' game that, if I were anything other that monolingual, would be excellent to translate - with the creator's permission of course. I found, some time ago, a Millennium Game on a Brazilian Fan Site and, Sod's Law, it was the only one amongst the many that didn't work but if anyone is twiddling thumbs there is a Millennium Quiz you can play to test 'your little grey cells'. I have X-Files Manga and X-Files games but sadly no Millennium and our universe is lacking for it methinks. A lot more talent and I would have a go myself but I might be able to create something similar to 'Millennium Tarot' if I give it some real, hard thought.

Thanks for the link, the art is stunning.


Time to play.....The Weakest Link

Millennium Quiz

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I just did the two tests and got 90% on season 1 and 100% on season 2. I got tripped up on the last question about songs in the pilot. These were rated Tough. Tough? TOUGH?

I have to wonder now what this says about me? Then again, maybe it's not about me. Maybe it's about everybody else!


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Great! Thanks for the link it was fun!

Season One Quiz:

You scored: 10 / 10

Total points: 100

Season One Quiz:

You scored: 8 / 10

Total points: 80

Guess I have some work to do on Season 2!

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