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Incoming! Meteor Or Comet Fragment Explodes Above Southwestern US, Prompting US Army ‘Missiles’ Cover-up

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I'm in a bit of downbeat mood today, but I don't think the sight of a meteor passing close to the Earth is going to be any kind of awakening. We do really need to looking much closer to home if we're going to have a hope of preserving this planet for future generations (especially as we're not really doing very well for the present generations).

Nevertheless, I will be looking at the skies for this meteor - but given the propensity of the skies above the UK being blotted out by clouds whenever anything interesting is happening up there, I'll look forward to your photos, TranshumanOwl. thumbsup.gif

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I agree Libby, we've had other meteors pass by and nothing happened. I also agree we need to look closer to home. Present mankind is slowing and continually destroying the natural Earth systems, including our wildlife, and we do need to do all we can to preserve this world. It truly is all we have. We can travel to the moon or Mars, etc., but we are no where near transporting the entire population of this planet, and animals, if there are any left.

I hear this meteor will be as big as our moon.

Yes TranshumanOwl, post those photos.

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My bad, worded it incorrectly, thanks for pointing that out Randee. Of course something that big would have devastating effect on us by the magnetic pull. I'm sure we would collide and it would be "Bye Bye Birdie."

The article is actually saying the asteroid, the size of a house, is coming closer to us then the moon. Actually, as of today, I should say CAME closer to us... Thank God it wasn't any bigger.

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