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Season Two Arrived This Morning!

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I was only asleep for an hour after finishing the night shift and the Postie woke me with a nice surpise that I had to get up for! Millennium: The Complete Second Season is here and its fantastic! FOX didn't have any promotional copies to give away this time around so I had to wait for my own purchased copy to arrive.

Packaging is the same style as the Season 1 UK release. (I would like to get my hands on the US R1 packaging with seperate sleeves at somepoint).

I'll posts some piccies and scans. By the way, I've only seen the extras so far and they are fascinating and there was a bit of a slap in the face for at least two Crew people at the end of the 'Making Of' doc too - but I won't spoil it for anyone.


PS. Yes its widescreen 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio (16:9) Full Frame Widescreen with Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack!

More information has been posted at Millennium Desktop UK.


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