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Easter Eggs Or Hidden Goodies

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Does anyone know if there are easter eggs or hidden stuff on MM Season One.............it would be nice if there is

On another note: i bought Bram Stokers: Dracula on DVD...man, i forgot what a great movie this was.....when it comes to extras it has nothing, i was dissapointed.

Went to a trivia night in which a question was asked.....whats the name of the actor that played Bishop in Aliens and Frank Black in TV Series "Millenium"....well ole' Joe got it right

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I checked eeggs.com and found this post:

There was an episode of Millennium where Frank was told to ftp a file from a remote computer that had information that would help with what he was working on. The person then gave him an IP address, which I immediately jotted down to check on later!

When I tried to ftp to the IP, the connection timed out. So then I tried to telnet to it; timed out again. Now I'm wondering if it's even a computer, so I pinged it; responded very quickly! Hmm... So finally I drop the IP into Netscape, and what do I see? It's the FOX (Millennium was aired on FOX) web page!


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