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Strange Days


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I love this movie.  It is about events that happen in the last 2-3 days of 1999.  In some ways it is still ahead of it's time because we don't have vR ware still like the stuff in Strange Days.   And of course there is the fear of the new Millennium in the background.  Did anyone else like this movie?  I did and it's slightly a Millenniumistic movie.
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After reading Void's Topic, I noticed that night that Strange Days was actually on TV that very night!  :p Isn't it weird when that happens? :alien:

Anyway I taped it and am looking forward to watching it!



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BEWARE SPOILERS contianed in my reply

I actually saw it in the theatre at the time it was release.  I really enjoyed the film.  I like all of the actors and actresses involved.  I enjoyed the whole millennial feel to it.  I thought the virtal/"squid" technology was interesting and kind of cool.  I especially thought the idea and implications of the killer "recording" the experiences of his victums while he was killing them was a great idea for the film.  Very disturbing when you actually "see" it through the "squid-rig."  Really well done and portrayed.  That is the kind of disturbing stuff that MillenniuM is made of.  I give this idea & scene to 2 M's for MillenniuMistic!  Perfect film for a MLM fan to watch around new years.  I was going to rent this myself, but, I opted for the X-Files Millennium episode as New Years video pick.

I highly recommend the film.

BTW, it stars Ralph Fiennes, who wonderfully played the amazing serial killer character in Red Dragon.

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Guest Wellington


That's it! You made me buy it and it was good for me too, thanks. However I would say that the Millenniumistic appeal is not as great as I thought first when I read you. Maybe it is because there is a purpose behind the killings, it throws away any "charm" found in the personality of a loose gun. It scales the whole plot down to a simple police story.

The end of the century was not really put into light, it could have been much, much more gothic. There I felt they were expected the world to end and welcome it as the end of the torments. They did not really fear it.

But do not get me wrong, it is a great film and a real pleasure to watch. Fiennes is excellent indeed, business as usual for him.


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Hmm... Now I want to watch it again.  Your points are well taken and made.  But, I kind of liked the feel of the millennium being the more the background or context for the events of the story.  I really felt that way, back when the film was in the theatre.

For me, I kind of liked to watch how people behaved, the the things starting to crop up in the news, in cinema, in television, that were related to fears, or hype, or conscious or unconcious undercurrents about the millennium.  And at the same time, to see how life just went on in most ways, as though oblivious.  Then part of me, while sharing in the fascination with the millennium (and MillenniuM), was ever aware that 2000 was just an arbitrary number asigned for reasons quite different than the alleged birth of mythological figures.  So, to me, I did mind this aspect of the film.  It sort of felt like the context of life at that point.

Fiennes was good in this film.  I liked the fact that he was such a pathetic sort of character.  And he played it so well!  I thought it was great that such a character was the central focus of the film.  It seemed quite fitting somehow.

Thanks for picking up this thread again, Wellington.  I really enjoy this film and these talks.


Did you end up watching the film around new years?



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Guest fledgling666

yeah, another one of my favorites as well. always has been. ralph fiennes is an awesome actor, but Michael Wincott's the sh!t.

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