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Mobster eaten by pigs

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I saw the headline for this news story on a UK news website, but skimmed over it, because it made me feel sick. Although I gather it was a Mafia murder, and the sooner the world is rid of gangs like that the better, it does take a very perverse kind of mind to dispose of a body by feeding it to pigs.

Ted Mann wrote, or co-wrote, some of the best and scariest MM episodes. I've often wondered how writers come up with the ideas for a plot, especially one as yukky as The Judge.

Oh, I've just had another nauseating thought - I hope those pigs didn't make it into the food chain. There are enough scary stories about processed foods we buy from the supermarket.

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anyone who has worked around swine know they are true omnivors ! they literally will anything organic. its why some cultures refuse to eat or even handle swine.

they will even become caniblistic. They know trichinosis in swine came from eating rats and other swine that had the parasite. it is why it has mostly been eliminated as well.

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