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Guest Wellington


10 years ago today (more or less?), followers of the Solar Temple decided to hit the news with a nice collective suicide/murder. This event had a great Wacko-like impact in America and Europe and added its 2 cents to the rising millennial feeling of last century.

I almost miss that kind of headlines today.


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BEER---> Yup, we had a flock of them here in So Cal too. Remember Hale-Bop (sp?), a group down in San Diego County all waiting for the comet to take them away. The beds where they were discovered in, were auctioned off on Ebay. Ain't it great.


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Guest fledgling666

yup, read about them a while back.

anyone know how many times the Jehovah's Witnesses have predicted the end of the world?

nine times since the 1890's.

david koresh's 68 camaro recently went for auction, the block had stamped into it "david's 68 GO GOD".

yup, hale-bop and their purple and black nikes.

then there's Aum Shinrikyo. but they crossed the line, they were no longer just a cult, but also a terrorist organisation.

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