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Snow Files of the Week

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It absolutely amazes me that you are able to, not just keep track of all of Mark's music, but know the story for each track.   :notworthy: 

Alex, thank you again and again and again.  :52:

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14 hours ago, The Old Man said:

That's because he's a Mark Snow genius! Kind of like Mark Snow, really!

I wish. :11: Thank you both for your kind words. :16:

Snow Files of the Week: "Gehenna Part I/Dylan/Gehenna Part II" from "MillenniuM", episode "Gehenna" (1996).

"Gehenna" is the second episode of the first season. The word "Gehenna" is hebrew and means "Hell". In this episode, written by Chris Carter, the leader of a death cult burns his victims inside a giant industrial oven.

Mark uses the melody of the main theme pretty often within his score. "Gehenna Part I" begins with a beautiful rendition of the theme, as Frank Black covers up his daughter Jordan in the bed. The music follows a colleague of Frank as he discovers the industrial oven and almost gets burned in it himself. The track "Dylan" plays in the interrogation scene, when Frank talks to a young man about the "face of the beast" and the "red rain". "Gehenna Part II" marks the final scene of the episode, when Frank is in the hospital with his wife Catherine, telling her that he is unsure of whether the "bad man" ever can be caught.

Those tracks were released on the second volume of "MillenniuM" music by La-La Land Records. The 2CD set is limited to 2.000 copies.



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Mark is definitely a genius when it comes to expressing the place the show wanted you to be in, even hell, yet never over-did it that would ruin the music.  He always kept it haunting.

Again Alex, thank you for your posts.  :52: 

 :love2:  Thank you for being our Music Valentine.  :chocolate:

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      Millennium Soundtrack on sale offer for one week

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